20.06 - 23.06.2019, Halle (Saale)

SILBERSALZ Public Programme

SILBERSALZ Festival 2019 was an exciting cosmos of science communication all over Halle (Saale):

23 films with accompanying talks; including 2 world premieres, 5 German premieres, 1 pre-release. An exhibition with 20 installations. 14 talks with scientists, artists and media expert. Plus exciting live events.

Here, you can still find the program of 2019:

Festival catalogue (pdf – in german only)


SILBERSALZ Conference 2019: Find the schedule and detailed information here.

Thu 20 June


Future Care – A Look at the Future of Digital Healthcare

Interactive workshop focusing on technical assistance systems in healthcare.

The use of technologies such as robots, telepresence systems or VR headsets has also become unstoppable in the field of patient care. But how useful are these systems?[...]

Fri 21 June


Dr. Whatson - Science Fiction in a Science-based Check

Just how much science is really found in science fiction? A myth-busting session with Dr. Whatson.

Whether Star Wars, Back to the Future or Marvels Avengers. All of these movies sweep us away into futuristic scenarios – or into the past of a far-removed galaxy. But does what we see there really exist?


Art, Tech and Environment

A discussion with artists from the SILBERSALZ exhibition programme about how the application of art and technology can bring about sustainable change.

Sat 22 June


Uli Kunz - Fascinating Oceans

Discussion / Uli Kunz / Research Diver, Marine Biologist, Underwater Photographer

Immerse in the beauty of the endangered underwater world. [...]


How Do You Become a ScienceTuber?

Interactive Show with Meet & Greet / Dr. Whatson, die Klugscheisserin, Breaking Lab, Der Schlaumacher

What is required to become a ScienceTuber?[...]


Harald Lesch - The Mystery of the Beginning

Discussion / Professor Dr. Harald Lesch / Astrophysicist, Natural Philosopher and Science Journalist

In his talk, Professor Dr. Harald Lesch is speaking about the origin of the universe. [...]


The Lovely Science of Smell

Talk / Junior Professor Dr. habil. Ilona Croy / Head of the Research Group Neuromarker Clinic, Policlinic for Psychotherapy and und Psychosomatics, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden

Most people really like the smell of their partner, and every third woman has taken a T-shirt worn by their partner with them to bed when their partner was away from home.[...]


I put a Smell on You

Workshop / Smell Lab Berlin / Klara Ravat, Anna D’Errico

Check out your sense of smell and visit our Smell Dating event! It is all based around your noses. The dating begins with a shared aerobics session.

Sun 23 June


Exhibition Tour – Plasticity: Our Changing Oceans

Exhibition Tour – Plasticity: Our Changing Oceans

Exhibition visit and discussion in small group with the renowned marine biologist Antje Boetius: How is ocean pollution affecting the sensitive marine ecosystems and the creatures that live there? [...]


Love Brunch

Women are more talented with languages – and men can't listen? This is an open discussion about gender stereotypes, love and attraction. A discussion with Germany’s best-known sexologist Ann-Marlene Henning about the "everyday" science of love.


I Put a Smell on You

Workshop / Smell Lab Berlin / Klara Ravat, Anna D’Errico

Check out your sense of smell and visit our Smell Dating event. [...]


Extinction with Style

A discussion that casts a shrewd eye on the science behind popular apocalyptic blockbusters.

How can we prevent our extinction from a deadly virus or by zombies? Using probability calculations, statistics and differing scientific methods, we analyse our chances of survival.