Passage 13

Experimental space, cultural platform and meeting place

Our youth program "SILBERSALZ by Youth" opens a 300 sqm open space for experiments and exchange in the run-up to the festival.

At Passage 13, culture meets science, answers to questions and ideas meet open spaces. Each day there is something to be discovered. Acrobatics and hip hop dance. Theatre and filming. 3D printing and fantastic worlds, between science fiction and science faction. And sometimes we're simply there to not save the world on our own. You can chat with us, start your own thing or just have fun.

In the background of Passage 13 are SILBERSALZ and the Kulturb├╝hne Neustadt. We like good music and represent universal human rights, freedom, fairness and democracy. You can bring any gender, any religion, any age and any taste in music. But our program is and remains free of discrimination, violence and gluten.

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