Team Sustainability

Team Sustainability Martin-Luther-Universit├Ąt Halle-Wittenberg
ASQ Nachhaltigkeit | Speaker at SILBERSALZ 2022
ASQ Nachhaltigkeit | Speaker at SILBERSALZ 2022

What we do TODAY determines what the world will look like TOMORROW.
We, students at Martin Luther University, see the opportunity to make a difference in small ways, not only in our sustainability elective, but also in the choices we make every day. Not only out of personal interest, but also through the influence of our departments of Geography, Food and Agricultural Sciences, we found ourselves in this project to take action together.

Muriel Klonk, Tom Fieguth, Sophie Henninger, Leo Gerdes & Tina Porzucek, Agricultural and Food Sciences, Geography, MLU, Halle-Wittenberg