Sonya Pemberton

Creative Director I Genepool Productions

Sonya Pemberton is one of Australia’s leading documentary filmmakers; an Emmy Award recipient and record-breaking five-time winner of the prestigious Eureka Prize for Science Journalism. Her passion is creating quality science documentaries for international audiences.

Sonya has written, directed, and executive produced over 70 hours of broadcast documentary, her films winning over 80 international awards.  Previously Head of Specialist Factual at the ABC, Sonya created Genepool Productions to explore complex and polarised areas of science. 

Recent titles include 'Vitamania' (SBS/Arte/CuriosityStream), ‘Uranium - Twisting the Dragon’s Tail’ (SBS/PBS/ ZDF/Arte), ‘Jabbed - love, fear and vaccines’ (SBS/Arte), and 'Vaccines Calling the Shots' (PBS NOVA, with Tangled Bank Studios). In 2021 Sonya directed the ABC feature documentary “Cracking COVID’, and co-produced the theatrical documentary, ‘Carbon-An Unauthorised Biography’ (ABC/CBC/Arte).

Genepool Productions is based in Melbourne, Australia, and works closely with global partners and collaborators.


Curb your Carbon (credits: Bruce Alcock/Global Mechanic/ Genepool Productions)

Documentary / Daniella Ortega, Niobe Thompson / Australia, Canada /  2022 / 96 mins

Carbon is an element full of paradoxes: Life was created from it, but at the same time it may put an end to this life.


How do we make our stories reach diverse audiences? Do we need to change perspectives, experiment with new formats to make science more engaging and impactful for our viewers? [...]