Dr. Simon Vogt

Responsible for Human Machine Interaction Agency for Innovation in Cybersecurity (Cyber Agency)
Dr. Simon Vogt | Speaker at SILBERSALZ 2022

Dr. Simon Vogt leads Cyberagentur's research activities in the domains of human-machine interaction. After having served as Navy Officer for almost 15 years and a PhD in information systems research, he joined the German Forces Cyber Innovation Hub, aiming to connect startups and innovative ideas and methods with the needs of the troops. He then became the founding head of IBM's Garage for Defense - an industry approach to fostering agile methodology within large-scale research and development projects. After Cyberagentur was founded in 2020, Simon Vogt joined a few months later as one of the first employees.

His first projects examine the future applications of neurotechnology and brain-computer interfaces (BCI) within human-machine interaction, focusing on how to ensure and maintain security, privacy, and integrity for brain data.