Dr. Sebastian Levi

Political Scientist / Hertie School

Dr. Sebastian Levi is a political scientist at the Centre for Sustainability at the Hertie School where he analyzes German and international climate politics. He studied international relations at the University of Oxford and obtained a PhD at the Freie Universität Berlin. During his doctorate, he was a visiting researcher at various research institutions like the Yale University in the USA, the Human Sciences Research Council in South Africa, and Universidad Torcuato Di Tella in Argentina.

Sebastian Levi’s research is published in international peer-reviewed journals and book volumes and focuses particularly on the global political economy of climate change, the formation of public opinion, and the capacities of political institutions to organize net-zero.

Besides his research, he is a member of the Hertie School’s Sustainability Committee where he works towards reducing the university’s environmental footprint.



Red Soil | German Premier

Feature Film I Farid Bentoumi I Frankreich I 2020 I 90 Min I OmdU I German Premier

The factory where Nour works discharges environmental toxins into the wastewater, manipulates medical records and covers up accidents. But what to do when your own father is partly responsible? [...]