Markus Mooslechner

Final Jury Silbersalz Science & Media Awards 2023
Terra Mater Studios

Markus Mooslechner, born on September 11, 1973, is a distinguished filmmaker, TV host, and science communicator based in Vienna, Austria. His academic journey took him from the University of Graz in Austria to Williams College in the USA, equipping him with a diverse educational background. Since 2012, Markus has been a pivotal part of Terra Mater Studios, where he has been instrumental in developing innovative forms of science communication. His notable contributions include the creation of Terra Mater Futurelabs, a consulting service dedicated to sustainability and impact-driven environments, and the Terra Mater Green Production Clip, a unique manual for sustainable media production. Markus's role as a lead communication strategist for a future collider project at CERN and his work on the award-winning Collider Diaries project demonstrate his commitment to science and technology. Markus's passion for storytelling extends beyond his professional life; he also hosts the biweekly Space Cafe Podcast and conducts corporate workshops on narrative thinking and creativity. His work has been recognized with multiple awards, including the prestigious Cannes Corporate Media award for his film SuperSapiens in 2017. Markus Mooslechner's career is a testament to his deep interest in science, technology, and creativity, and his dedication to using these interests to make a positive impact on the world.