Maartje Nevejan

Independent filmmaker
Final Jury Silbersalz Science & Media Awards 2023

Maartje Nevejan is an Emmy nominated , award winning independent filmmaker
(based in Amsterdam), with a background in theatre and multi media. In her projects she likes to research the (raw) poetic quality of reality. Nevejan is also a changemaker and a innovative social interpreneur. She loves to bring opposites together and capture these insightful, intimate and sometimes wild cooperations on film. She loves to hangout where “realties rhime”. Since 2015 she works on a trilogy about finding visual language for ineffable inner experiences. Nevejan works closely together with scientists and artists. All films won numerous awards and nominations.
2019- Are you there- and if you are not there, where are you? about the strange
phenomena of absences or petit mal, in child epilepsy. 2021- Descending the mountain about the ineffable mystic experiences in meditation and in psychedelics.
2025- Our Beloved about the complex experiences of grief, in earthlings, plants,
mountains, humans, both big ones and children. Highly interested in what moves people Nevejan’s films and projects are daring, funny, heartrending and very often changing the people who are in it.
Her films are not only screened on filmfestivals, TV and in theaters but also used in
political conferences and social and scientific summits all around the world.