Linde Dehner

Commissioning Editor I ARTE Wissen

After holding various positions in the cultural sector (mostly museums) across Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Dresden and Geneva, Linde Dehner started working for ZDF/ARTE as a Commissioning Editor. Firstly at the thematic evenings department (thema), then current affairs, followed by documentaries and factual series.

She is now a member of its science department and responsible for the 52-minute "Science", the 43-minute "Far Away People" and the 52-minute "History Light" documentary slots and special programming.

The European TV channel ARTE is a collaboration between Germany and France. Approximately 20% of the ARTE programme content is delivered by the German ZDF public broadcaster.



How do we make our stories reach diverse audiences? Do we need to change perspectives, experiment with new formats to make science more engaging and impactful for our viewers? [...]