Kerstin Hoppenhaus

Science Journalist & Filmmaker

Kerstin Hoppenhaus is a freelance science journalist and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany. After working for national public television for over a decade, she moved to online publications in Germany and elsewhere, including Zeit Online, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Arte, BBC Future (UK) and Undark Magazine (USA). She teaches workshops in multimedia storytelling, has a master’s degree in biology, and won several awards and scholarships for her reporting and other work. With her production company Hoppenhaus & Grunze Medien she develops strategic concepts for science communication for scientists and scientific institutions, and produces a wide variety of video and other audiovisual formats.



House of Commons debate on child poverty, origin, access to education and equal opportunities


Documentary / Matthieu Rytz / USA / 2022 / 93 min / OmdU