Katharina Warda

Sociologist & literary scholar
Katharina Warda | Foto Credit: Alena Schmick
Katharina Warda | Foto Credit: Alena Schmick

Katharina Warda is a sociologist and literary scholar. She works as a freelance writer with a focus on East Germany, marginalised identities, racism, classism and punk.
Since 2021 she has been a member of the advisory board of »Kein Schlussstrich!«, a nationwide theatre project on the NSU complex.
In her project »Dunkeldeutschland« (Dark Germany), she explores the post-reunification period from the social margins and illuminates blind spots in German historiography, based on her own experiences as a Black East German woman in the GDR and after 1989/90.


Alles in einem, aber nie nur das Eine | Credits: Katja Ruge / Mohamed Badarne / Wolfgang Stahr / Analena Schmick

Viewed soberly, identity is a self-narrative and a self-remembering - context-dependent and ambiguous. Some current debates, however, stylise it into a dirty word.