Dominik Eulberg

DJ | Producer | Biologist

Dominik Eulberg is internationally renowned as a DJ and producer in the world of techno. For more than 25 years, he has been releasing groundbreaking and award-winning tracks, albums and remixes and has long since become an icon - even beyond his genre.

The jack-of-all-trades from Westerwald (Germany) is not only a musician, but also a studied ecologist, active conservationist and creative-scientific mind with heart and soul. In many ways he raises awareness for the beauty and worthiness of protection of nature, whether as the author of the nature book “Mikroorgasmen überall” (Microorgasms Everywhere) or as the game developer of the multimedia bird quartet "Fliegende Edelsteine” (Flying Gems). With his natural history lectures, ornithological tours and biodiversity shows, Eulberg undertakes audiovisual journeys through the most beautiful and yet most incredible knowledge treasures of our native natural cosmos. As an ambassador, he is involved with nature conservation organizations, is a guest scientist at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and regularly appears in television programs. He also works with the renowned nature filmmaker Jan Haft on TV and feature films, such as the current cinema film "Heimat Natur" (Homeland Nature). His commitment was recently recognized with a nomination for the German Environmental Media Award.

In March, Eulberg's sixth studio album "AVICHROM" was released, with which he pays tribute to the diversity of species and colors of winged creatures. The title is an artificial word and means as much as "bird colors".