Dr Diva Amon

Deep-Sea Biologist I Director, SpeSeas, Trinidad and Tobago I Scientific Associate, Natural History Museum, London, UK

Diva is a marine biologist focused on the little-known habitats and animals of the deep ocean, and how our actions are impacting them. She has participated in research cruises around the world, exploring previously unknown deep-sea habitats from Antarctica to the Mariana Trench. She has a deep desire to see conservation measures applied to more of the ocean, including the deep ocean, leading her to engage with the public, fellow scientists and policymakers. She has recently spoken at the United Nations and the Nobel Prize, as well as filmed with National Geographic, BBC and CNN, to name just a few. She is also a founder and director of SpeSeas, an NGO dedicated to marine science, education, and advocacy in home country of Trinidad and Tobago. Diva is a 2020 National Geographic Emerging Explorer, a Pew-Bertarelli Ocean Ambassador, and a World Economic Forum Friend of Ocean Action