Dr Amy C. Chambers

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies / Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Amy C. Chambers is a senior lecturer in film studies and joined MMU in 2018. She has previously researched and taught in the fields of film studies, science communication, and science fiction studies at Newcastle University, the University of Manchester, and Bangor University. She was awarded her PhD in History and Film from Bangor University in 2013 (‘Film & History: Planet of the Apes as History’).Amy works predominately in the fields of science communication and screen studies and is particularly interested in the relationship between entertainment media and the public understanding of science. She conducts research into science fiction movies made between 1967-1977 and their incorporation of real-world science and imagined future science. Her work also analyses how major scientific concepts and advancements have influenced onscreen representations of science. As part of Amy’s current book-in-progress (From Star Child To Star Wars: American Science (Fiction), Film, and Religion 1967-1977) she is looking more specifically at how leaders and members of US religious institutions have interpreted and understood science in Hollywood movies in the immediate post-censorship era.