Nominees 2022

Best Science Documentary

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Cracking COVID

Cracking COVID

Director, Producer, Writer: Sonya Pemberton
Producer: Lucy Maclaren
Company: Genepool Productions
Country: Australia
Broadcaster: ABC Australia

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - The Machine that feels

The Machine That Feels

Director: Robin Bicknell
Executive Producers: Elliott Halpern, Elizabeth Trojian
Producers: Elizabeth Trojian, Julia Nunes
Company: yap films
Country: Canada
Broadcaster: CBC, ARTE

Silbersalz Awards 2022 - Rivers above the Canopy

+ WINNER + Rivers Above the Canopy

Director, Writer: Pascal Cuissot
Producers: Valérie ABITA, Tatiana BATTAGLIA
Company: ZED, Grifa Filmes
Country: France, Brazil
Broadcaster: ARTE France, NHK, TV Cultura

Best Science Documentary

Best Factual Series

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Evolve


6 x 60 mins
Broadcaster: Curiosity Stream
Company: Beach House Pictures
Country: Singapore
Executive Producer: Donovan Chan, Jocelyn Little
Executive Producer/Showrunner: Rob Sixsmith
Series Producer/Director: Chris Baron
Producer/Director: Joanna Barwick, Katy Savage, Brian Leckey, Mark Drake

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - What's good about

What's good about drugs, death, failure, genetic engineering?

4 x 30 mins
Directors: Krischan Dietmaier, Jasmin Steigler
Writers: Nina Beier, Samuel Mueller, Franziska Schwarck
Executive Producers: Dietmar Lyssy, Laura Sages, Anne Steinkamp
Company: Bilderfest GmbH
Country: Germany
Distributor: ARD
Broadcaster: SWR

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Extra Life

+ WINNER + Extra Life: A Short History of Living Longer

4 x 60 min
Directors:  Tristan Quinn, Duncan Singh, David Alvarado, Jason Sussberg, Alex Flaster, Molly Hermann
Producers: Fiona Caldwell, Helen Sage, Jane Root, Nicola Moody
Company: Nutopia
Country: United Kingdom
Broadcaster: BBC (UK), PBS (US) 

Best Factual Series

Best Short Series

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Short Trips

Short Trips in the Land of Math

10 x 10 mins
Director: Denis Van Waerebeke 
Producer: Valérianne Boué 
Company: Les Films d'ici
Co-producer company:  Les Films du Poisson Rouge
Country: France
Broadcaster: ARTE France

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Can CRISPR cure

+ WINNER + Can CRISPR cure Sickle-cell Disease?

Producer: Dan Fox
Supervising producer: Shamini Bundell
Company: Nature
Project manager: Rebecca Jones
Camera operators: Shaun Swingler, Ron Coons
Country: United Kingdom

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Shattering Stars

Shattering Stars

Director, Writer: Peter Galison
Producers: Peter Galison, Chyld King
Company: Collapser
Country: United States
Distributor: Submarine Entertainment

Best Short Series

Short & Crisp Award

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - How to save a species

+ WINNER + How to save a species when there are only two females left?

Executive Producer: Philip Jaime Alcazar
Producer: Katrin Blaß
Narrator: Julian Nightingall
Motion Designer: Elias Freiberger
Sound Designer: Stefan Fiedler
Company: Terra Mater Studios GmbH
Country: Austria

Silbersalz Awards Nominees - How Covid - 19 Viral Vector

How COVID-19 Viral Vector Vaccines Work?

Director, Writer: Donald Rayne Mitchell
Producers: Gloria Lewis, Paul Offit
Animation: XVIVO
Music: Volition
Narration: Chet Brown
Company: Medical History Pictures Inc.
Country: United States

Silbersalz Awards

How do neurons know with whom to connect?

Director, Writer, Producer: Stina Börchers
Country: Germany

Short & Crisp Award – in partnership with Fast Forward Science

Southern Lights Award

Silbersalz Awards - Nominees - Miracle Babies

+ WINNER + Miracle Babies: Operation Hope

Director, Producer: Johanna Gibson
Executive Producer: Penny Palmer
Country: Australia
Company, Broadcaster: ABC Australia

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Kiss the Universe

Kiss the Universe

Directors: Woongdal Song, Wonsik Ra
Producer: YongHa Suh
Country: Republic of Korea
Company, Broadcaster: KBS

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - PaleoMoz Project

PaleoMoz Project: Mozambique, a history to discover

Director: Sebastián Crocco
Writer, Producer: Ricardo Araújo
Company: Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)/ Museu Nacional de Geologia (Mozambique) 
Country: Portugal/Mozambique

Southern Lights Award

Homeland Earth Award

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - The Beating Wings

The Beating Wings

Director: Thierry Ragobert
Writers: Thierry Piantanida & Thierry Ragobert
Producer: Laura Briand
Company: Les Films d'ici
Country: France
Broadcaster: ARTE G.E.I.E

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Curb your Carbon

+ WINNER + Curb Your Carbon

Directors:  P.J. Naworynski, Liam O'Rinn
Writers: Liam O'Rinn, Dugald Maudsley
Producers: Dugald Maudsley, Gillian Main
Co-producer: Monika Delmos
Company: Infield Fly Productions Inc
Country: Canada
Broadcaster: CBC (Canada)


SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Descending The Mountain

Descending The Mountain

Director, Writer: Maartje Nevejan
Producers: Annette Badenhorst, Monette de Botton, Bohdana Tamas
Company: Global Inside
Country: Switzerland, Netherlands

Homeland Earth Award

Young Audience Award

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - De-Extinction


Director, Writer, Producer: Xin Gu
Country: China

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Princess of Science

Princess of Science, S2

Director, Producer: Anke Rau
Executive Producer: Gabriele M. Walther
Chief Editors: Dorothee Herrmann, Alica Pohle, Friedrich Steinhardt
Company: Caligari Entertainment GmbH
Country: Germany
Broadcaster: ZDF / KIKA

SILBERSALZ Awards 2022 - Finding X

+ WINNER + Finding X

Creators/producers: Toby Hendy, Cedric Scheerlinck
Director: Benjamin Zaugg
Country: Australia
Broadcaster: YouTube


Young Audience Award

Immersive Science

Silbersalz Awards - Nominees Immersive Science - Kusunda


20 mins - Virtual Reality
Director:  Felix Gaedtke, Gayatri Parameswaran
Writer: Gayatri Parameswaran, Felix Gaedtke
Key collaborators: Hima Kusunda, Gyani Maiya Kusunda, Lil Bahadur Kusunda
Company: NowHere Media
Country: Germany, Nepal, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan

Silbersalz Awards - Nominees - Infinite

+ WINNER + The Infinite

60 mins - Immersive Experience

Directors: Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël
Conception and scenarisation: Phoebe Greenberg, Marie Brassard
Key collaborator: Julie Tremblay
Company: INFINITY Experiences
Country: Canada

Silbersalz Awards - Nominees Immersive Science - Myriad

MYRIAD. Where we connect.

Virtual Reality Experience
Authors/ Creative Directors: Lena Thiele, Sebastian Baurmann, Dirk Hoffmann

Executive Producer(s): Saskia Kress (Interactive Media Foundation), Michael Grotenhoff (Filmtank)
Company(s): Interactive Media Foundation, Filmtank, Miiqo Studios, Artificial Rome
Country: Germany

360° 3D Documentary
Creative Directors: Michael Grotenhoff, Christian Zipfel
Producer(s): Saskia Kress (Filmtank), Michael Grotenhoff (Filmtank), Sean Evans (Occupied VR)
Company(s): Interactive Media Foundation, Filmtank
Country: Germany

Immersive Science

MDR Award

Silbersalz Award

Above Water

Director: Aïssa Maïga
Country: France, Niger

MDR Awards