SHORT FILM.CLUB - Little people, big adventures

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Kleine Menschen, große Abenteuer | Credit: tbc
Kleine Menschen, große Abenteuer | Credit: tbc


Little people, big adventures 
various animated films / 2023 / 50 mins / without language / from 5 years onwards

Seven short animated films tell the story of unexpected encounters and feelings of strangeness. And of great friendships through which all dangers can be mastered.

TamLin drives his herd of Smortlybacks across the plains. Smortlybacks have pink balloon bodies and trumpet trunks - friendly creatures, but also very skittish. And then they have to cross an ocean full of sharks ... Whether with the Smortlybacks, stories about paper planes or about a mysterious box: Fun, excitement and encouragement are guaranteed with this short film session.

The Smortlybacks Come Back / Ted Sieger / 8 min

Tümpel / Lena von Döhren, Eva Rust / 9 min

Paperplanes / Arvind Singh Jeena / 7 min

Hi! / Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani / 7 mins

What´s in That Crate? / Bram Algoed & Pieter Gaudesaboos / 9 min

Wüstentier / Lina Walde / 8 min

Hello Stranger / Julia Ocker / 6 min