Anthropocene in C Major


Live Audio Visual I Jamie Perera, Leah Borromeo, Katharine Round I UK I 2021

Anthropocene in C Major is the story of mankind's influence on Earth and the environment told through a live performance that turns data into sound. In a one-off performance, a collage of found footage and imagery unearthed from online repositories is read through the eyes of an AI supercomputer scanning the room to create its own vision of past, present, and future. [...]

Anthropocene in C Major is composed and performed by Jamie Perera

Film Directed and Produced by Disobedient

Live AI Film Interpretation and Performance by Augenblick, created by Lunar Ring.

Anthropocene in C Major was developed as part of the Climate Symphony project by Leah Borromeo, Katharine Round and Jamie Perera.