Wildcard To SCI-FI London

Film + Talk Midnite Science

The connection between real science and fiction is essential to hold a mirror up to current socio-political, economic and environmental issues, as well as play with possible outcomes from our choices and the advancement of technology. These short-films have been curated by SCI-FI-LONDON, each chosen to entertain and encourage discussion, to provoke and provide you food-for-thought.

In Kooperation with SCI-FI London

Film Talk: Between real science and fiction: Where ‘what if’ meets ‘wtf’.

Louis Savy, Festival Director SCI-FI London



Kosta Nikas I AUS I 15 mins I 2019 I English

Jack’s been away a long time. On his return to the country, he finds that a lot has changed. Citizens police each other and there is more freedom inside prison than outside it. Desperate to escape, he hopes that the brave act of one woman will give him his freedom.



James Copplestone I Qatar I 11 mins I 2019 I English

There is a global water shortage and a Corporate Astronaut, Cain, is sent to the Moon to search for this valuable commodity. With his resources running out, Cain tries to make sense of the chain of events that have led humanity to this situation, and what to do with the water if he were even to find it.



April Phillips I New Zealand I 20 mins I 2020 I English

“Evolution 2”; a vaccine that promised to eradicate all birth defects and achieve genetic perfection. Instead it caused a global pandemic, killing billions. Annie, a former news reporter, is a sole survivor who shelters in her old television studio, broadcasting a desperate message in the hope of finding other survivors. Her relief at discovering she’s not alone quickly becomes a new fight for life, and she is forced to question what makes a human worthy of survival.



Mat Braddy I UK I 17 mins I 2020 I English

In an iron-age society, Bryana, a pregnant hunter, loses her husband to plague. Exiled from home, she hunts for a hermit believed to have magic and demands to know why he does nothing to help. Unfortunately, this god has been far from idle…



Raymond C. Lai I USA I 10 mins I 2020 I English

It's the night of the Hungry Ghost Festival, and DJ Logan Lee is poised to make his live debut at his best friend Beatrice's house party. The problem is, he’s a nervous wreck. To help him calm down, his Auntie gives him a rare strain of marijuana, known as Purple Dawn, and it works! But Logan soon discovers that there is much more to this strain than its calming effects.



Tommie Geraedts I The Netherlands I 7 mins I 2020 I OV with English subtitles

Naïve Ronnie gives up a bit too much personal information during verification questions on his computer, he receives a fully customised invitation from his OS in return. After accepting the offer his OS takes over his computer, forcing Ronnie to do everything in his power to keep his dark desires a secret for his approaching girlfriend. 



Sebastian Kuder I UK I 4 mins I 2019 I English

In a post-apocalyptic future, human memories from the now-extinct species homo sapiens are loaded into the artificial brain of a robot. 



Sam Ainsworth I UK I 14 mins I 2020 I English

When a workaholic city trader attends a house viewing in VR, organised by his stay-at-home partner, a chance meeting with the property’s architect offers them a solution that could satisfy their every need.