Katharina Bergfeld

Produzentin Flare Film
Katharina Bergfeld | Speaker at SILBERSALZ 2022

Katharina Bergfeld has been a producer for documentaries at Berlin-based Flare Film since 2015. She studied cultural studies at Viadrina University until 2004 and completed a diploma in audio-visual media studies at the Konrad Wolf Film University, graduating with honors in 2009. During her studies, she worked as a radio writer and spent two years working for the International Student Film Festival sehs├╝chte, as a presenter, programmer, and in press and public relations. Afterward, Katharina worked as a production assistant for cinema and TV films and managed a world distributor for documentaries until she took over the management of the DOK Market at the International Film Festival DOK Leipzig in 2012 and 2013.

Since 2017, Katharina has also been a mentor, tutor, and speaker for the Film and Television Academy Berlin, the Film University Konrad Wolf, and various festivals, such as DOK Leipzig, docudays UA, and the Berlinale.

She is an alumnus of the producer workshop "Eurodoc", and a member of the European Film Academy.