Anna Herberholz

Aktivistin | Vorstand der BUNDjugend NRW

Anna Herberholz is an activist and student. She is on the board of BUNDjugend NRW, where she advocates for various issues. The BUNDjugend NRW is a youth association for activism around the topics of environment, climate justice, racism and solidarity. There it engages in the topics of intersectionality, criticism of racism, empowerment And climate justice.

She received the Start - Scholarship in 2019. The Start Scholarship supports youth with international histories and promotes political education. Through this, Anna was able to build her activism.

In the BUNDjugend she leads workshops, occasionally moderates at events and she was able to represent the BUNDjugend in front of the Children's Commission of the Bundestag.

In addition, she is involved in school and is finishing her high school diploma. Outside of activism, she enjoys reading books.