SILBERSALZ 2019 - Conference

22.06 - 23.06, Halle (Saale)

Conference programme

Sa. 22 Juni


Opening & Welcome Address

09.35–09.40 Donata von Perfall, SILBERSALZ
09.40–09.45 Caroline Wichmann, Leopoldina
09.45–09.50 Curator’s Statement AC Coppens


Opening Keynote: "Kill your darlings – and change the world!"

Dr. Kathrin Rehak-Nitsche, Senior Vice President, Science & Research, Robert Bosch Stiftung | Why scientists should engage with society, leave their communication bubbles and why we need more co-creation with media professionals to uphold the common good.


Keynote: The Science behind Love and Monogamy

Dr. Liat Yakir, Molecular Geneticist & Science Communicator / Alumni of the Weizmann Institue of Science, Rehovot, Israel | Artworks and narrative often tell us that love is something we cannot define, reduce or pin down. But growing body of knowledge from scientific research seem to tell us different. Is love [...]


Ignite Talks: Are we programmed by nature for love?

10.30–10.45 Brian D. Earp | The Pharmacology of Love: If love is partly physical, chemical, hormonal, can scientists harness love, synthesize it and use it for the greater good? Or will this create unseen risks, [...]

10.45–11.00 Dr. Emily Ngubia Kessé | Love, The Body and Neurosexism: Does the science of love unveil discoveries determined by nature, or does it instead map out socially established norms? In other words, does the science of love reproduce or challenge gender stereotypes? What is neurosexism and [...]




Panel with Dr. Liat Yakir, Brian Earp and Dr. Emily Ngubia Kessé

Dr. Liat Yakir, Molecular Geneticist & Science Communicator / Alumni of the Weizmann Institue of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

Brian Earp, Associate Director, Yale-Hastings Program / Yale University and The Hastings Center.

Dr. Emily Ngubia Kessé, Author,  Neuroscientist  & Founder / SMART Data Analytics.

Moderated by Ivvet Modinou [...]


Audiovisual Cases: Love at the Limit

11.45–12.15 Sleepless in New York

12.15–12.45 Pleasure and Pain

Two documentaries exploring the full spectrum of emotions that love unleashes – from ecstatic pleasure to inconsolable heartbreak – will be analysed through the lens of science communication and storytelling. [...]

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Lunch Break

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Keynote – Love as Labor

Dr. Moira Weigel, Postdoctoral scholar at the Harvard Society of Fellows | How do social, economic and technological factors shape what we’d otherwise consider our most intimate and private moments? In her acclaimed book Labor of Love, Dr. Moira Weigel revealed how modern love in the western world was [...]


Audiovisual Case – Globalizing Love

What happens to “love” when it becomes a currency for a better life? Speaking as filmmaker and anthropologist on love in a global perspective, Sine Plambech will discuss questions of love and migration explored her film Heartbound on marriages between Thai women and Western men. [...]

With Dr. Sine Plambech,  Filmmaker and Anthropologist, Senior Researcher Danish Institute for International Studies.


Fireside Chat with Dr. Moira Weigel and Dr. Sine Plambech

In this chapter, we shifted our focus from individual bodies to entire societies and the market forces that shape them, starting with a keynote on love, labor and the invention of dating in the 20th Century. A documentary case study will structure discussions around love at the global scale: How is love shaped by complexifying global societies? [...]

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Coffee Break

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Panel: Love and Ecology

Dr. Alexa Weik von Mossner, Associate Professor of American Studies, Department of English at the University of Klagenfurt.

Dr. Dennis Müller, Zoo Director & CEO, Zoological Garden Halle.

Dr. Walter Köhler, CEO, Terra Mater Factual Studios.

Audiovisual Case Mini-Screening – The Serengeti Rules | with Nicolas Brown (Director, Passion Pictures) and David Guy Elisco (Executive Producer, hhmi Tangled Bank Studios).


Panel: The Future of Love

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, CEO of Emoshape.

Heidi McDonald, Game Designer and Independent Scholar.

Dr. Allison de Fren, Media Theorist and Filmmaker.

Isa Willinger, Filmmaker.

Jonas Schlatterbeck, Head of Social & Distributed Media,  ZDF Digital.

Audiovisual Case Mini-Screenings – The Future of Love Stories | with Isa Willinger and Jonas Schlatterbeck.


Shaping the Future now! Falling Walls Engage Pitches

Falling Walls Engage is an international platform for all forms of science engagement, hosted by Falling Walls in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung. [...]

Opening Remarks by Isabella Kessel – Project Manager, Science and Research / Robert Bosch Stiftung.

with Francesca Fragkoudi (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics), Tamar Levy (Weizmann Institute of Science), Dr. Duncan Williams (University of York), Meie van Laar (NEMO Science Museum), Lewis Hou (Science Ceilidh).


Recap and Closing Remarks for Conference Day 1

with AC Coppens, Founder, The Creatives’ Catalysts, and Conference Curator.

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Networking Event

Longtime partner to professionals in film and media, Cézame Music Agency is delighted to host tonight’s SILBERSALZ Conference networking event:  All conference guests are invited to join us for drinks and fingerfood. Following at 21.00, it is time for the live performance of the Japanese band Electronicos Fantasticos! 

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So. 23 Juni


Pitch Day Introduction

Supported by the Falling Walls Foundation

The SILBERSALZ Science & Media Pitch is proud to present 14 exciting science projects from 11 different countries. Both scientists and media professionals will pitch their latest science projects to you. [...]


SILBERSALZ Pitch: Part 1

09:40–09:50 Philipp Griess

09:51–10:01 Nicole Heinzl

10:02–10:12 Anja Reiss

10:13–10:23 Surprise Pitch #1

10:24–10:34 Markus Nikel & Erica Liffredo

10:35–10:45 Sergiusz Wasilewski

10:46–10:56 Stephan Matthies

10:57–11:07 Hiroyuki Shirakawa & Akira Yoshizawa

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SILBERSALZ Pitch: Part 2

11:40–11:50 Michael Grotenhoff & Prof. Lena Thiele

11:51–12:01 Mickaël Pruvost

12:02–12:12 Surprise Pitch #2

12:13–12:23 Nicolette Formosa

12:24–12:34 Dr. Umaiyal Munusamy

12:35–12:45 Dr. Giuseppe Schiavone

12:46–12:56 Dr. Vivian Valencia

12:57–13:07 Martin Gronemeyer

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Networking Lunch

Audience sign-up for feedback tables with pitching teams.


Feedback Roundtables with pre-matched Decision-Makers and Audience Sign-ups

The aim of this 1-hour feedback session is to provide the pitching teams with expert advice and input from the media and science world so they can develop their projects with confidence, and in the right direction.

List of attending Decision-Makers