This year the Conference explored science and media as the two faces of trust. International scientists and media professionals tackled together rebuilding public trust as a common challenge for both contemporary science and media. New forms of co-creation across science and media will be crucial as societies face the dual challenge of accelerating climate change and democratic backsliding.

The program was live-streamed from Leopoldina, German National Academy of Sciences – with some of the headlining speakers and a limited number of guests on location. On our virtual conference platform, we created a space for crucial interdisciplinary collaboration and offered various networking possibilities for all participants.

This year's keynote speakers were:

Climatologist and German National Academy of Sciences President Prof. (ETHZ) Dr. Gerald Haug, renowned marine biologist Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius, leading science historian Dr. Jürgen Renn, outspoken activist researcher, and journalist Hossein Derakhshan, and Dr. Jeanine Reutemann, an undisciplined researcher, filmmaker, lecturer, and tech-nerd as well as bestselling science-fiction novelist Frank Schätzing.