Brian D. Earp

Associate Director, Yale-Hastings Program, Yale University, The Hastings Center / Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy; Yale University and The Hastings Center

Brian D. Earp ist derzeit Associate Director am Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy, der Yale University und The Hastings Center; sowie Research Fellow am Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics der University of Oxford. Er hat Abschlüsse der Universitäten Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge. Er arbeitet interdisziplinär, mit Einflüssen der Philosophie, kognitiver Neurowissenschaften, Psychologie, Geschichte und Soziologie der Wissenschaft und Medizin, sowie Ethik. Seine Arbeiten wurden u.a. in Nature, Popular Science, Newsweek, The Atlantic und New Scientist. Brian D. Earp erhielt den Rocbert G. Crowder Prize in Psychology und den Ledyard Cogswell Award for Citizenship der Yale University. Er ist Co-Preisträger des Daniel M. Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize der Society for Personality and Social Psychology 2018. Zuletzt war er Henry Fellow am New College, Oxford, und a Cambridge Trust Scholar at Trinity College, Cambridge. Dort erhielt er den Rausing Award in History and Philosophy of Science. Gemeinsam mit Julian Savulescu ist er Autor des erscheinenden Buches Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Relationships (Hrsg: Stanford University Press).



Ignite Talks: Are we programmed by nature for love?

10.30–10.45 Brian D. Earp | The Pharmacology of Love: If love is partly physical, chemical, hormonal, can scientists harness love, synthesize it and use it for the greater good? Or will this create unseen risks, [...]

10.45–11.00 Dr. Emily Ngubia Kessé | Love, The Body and Neurosexism: Does the science of love unveil discoveries determined by nature, or does it instead map out socially established norms? In other words, does the science of love reproduce or challenge gender stereotypes? What is neurosexism and [...]




Panel with Dr. Liat Yakir, Brian Earp and Dr. Emily Ngubia Kessé

Dr. Liat Yakir, Molecular Geneticist & Science Communicator / Alumni of the Weizmann Institue of Science, Rehovot, Israel.

Brian Earp, Associate Director, Yale-Hastings Program / Yale University and The Hastings Center.

Dr. Emily Ngubia Kessé, Author,  Neuroscientist  & Founder / SMART Data Analytics.

Moderated by Ivvet Modinou [...]


Audiovisual Cases: Love at the Limit

11.45–12.15 Sleepless in New York

12.15–12.45 Pleasure and Pain

Two documentaries exploring the full spectrum of emotions that love unleashes – from ecstatic pleasure to inconsolable heartbreak – will be analysed through the lens of science communication and storytelling. [...]