Thu, 20th Jun 2019

Museum of the Moon marks the start of SILBERSALZ 2019

Yesterday’s weather kept us nervous but what a day it was: The Moon is up and though the evening was interupted by a thunderstorm it could’t destroy the unique and truly magical atmosphere. It will stay on Ziegelwiese until Sunday. Come and visit, picknick or simply enjoy some stargazing. Until then, enjoy some photos of the festivals kick-off with Luke Jerrams “Museum of the Moon” on our Social Media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


SILBERSALZ Opening Night

For the festivals official opening we are moving indoors: Electronicos Fantasticos! are playing their unique diy-instruments in the pitoresc scenery of Puschkinhaus. Prof. Johannes Vogel, General Director of Berlins Naturkundemuseum, is holding the openings keynote.

If you can’t come to the location tonight, you are lucky: There will be a facebook live-broadcasting – with the support of some aspiring journalists of SILBERSALZ’ youth program, in cooperation with Science2Public.

Electronicos Fantasticos! will play again on Saturday, 22nd June, in Puschkinhaus


Don't miss

We invited school classes for exclusive film screenings and 21 classes registered with young students from the ages of 10 to 16. For a complete understanding of the films topics and getting their questions answered all films offer panels with experts:

Science Fair: Martin Rauch, German participant of Jugend forscht;

Hi A.I.: Andreas Krug, University of Potsdam.

Living Universe: Inga Schlesier, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg.

Queen without Land: Dr. Renate Treffeisen, Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Helmhotz-Zentrum.

Welcome to Sodom: Guido Odendahl, German Environment Agency, Government Director.


Those films, with the exception of Welcome to Sodom, will be shown again publicly – so make sure to register for a free ticket: Hi, A.I shows the impact artificial intelligence robot have in some love lives (Sat, 22.6.); Science Fair accompanies young scientists in the competition (Sun, 23.6.) while Queen without a Land observes the life of a polar bear family (Sun, 23.6.); Living Universe is a trip to space with powerful pictures (Sat, 22.6.).

Of course, there will be film talks too! Check out the guests and locations in the online-program and register for free.


Another movie highlight on Thursday is Heartbound. Director Sine Plambech went to the Thai region of Thy where around 900 danish-thai families exist. A film about migration and globalization, desire and love.

Starting at 6.30 pm in Puschkino.