SILBERSALZ 2018 - It's a wrap: Four days of films, installations and live performances. Four days of workshops, lectures and discussions. Four days of exchanges and inspiration. Four days of hands-on science.


Mon, 2nd Jul 2018

Thank You!

It's a wrap for SILBERSALZ 2018: four days of films, installations and live performances. Four days of workshops, lectures and discussions. Four days exchange and inspiration. Many thanks to all who were there! It was great fun, we will be back: in 2019! ;-) The SILBERSALZ exhibition will remain until the 6th of July in the Moritzburg!



Discover the unique science cosmos of SILBERSALZ. Let yourself be carried away by exciting films into breathtaking worlds, experience the fascination of Virtual Reality first-hand or become the protagonist in our live events and performances. Immerse yourself in the world of science, share your experiences with others in discussion groups or join one of our workshops.



Numerous interactive and DIY opportunities. With great VR and mobile workshops in the Fabmobil, stage program, the YouTube session with Mr. Wissen2Go and the Mini Make Faire.


SILBERSALZ Kids & Family Programme

The program for the whole family. With great films, exhibitions and the SILBERSALZ Nature Camp at the Zoo.



Meet directors and producers and talk to them about their films, discuss and talk with scientists and experts about current topics in our new series "SILBERSALZ spricht".



For trade: The two-day SILBERSALZ Conference Program is a closed industry event with expert presentations, discussion rounds and workshops. Venue is the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.





Kulturwerkstatt Die Grüne Villa

Am Treff 4

Kunstmuseum Moritzburg

Friedemann-Bach-Platz 5


Jägerberg 1

Luchs Kino

Seebener Straße 172, Stadtbezirk Nord


Gerberstraße 2

Neues Theater (Kulturinsel)

Große Ulrichstraße 50-51


Kardinal-Albrecht-Straße 6

Saline Museum

Mansfelder Straße 52

Ulrichskirche (Festivalcenter)

Kostenlose Ticketregistrierung - Festivalcafè im Innenhof - Gespräche und Workshops. Kommt vorbei!

Christian-Wolff-Straße 2

Zazie Kino

Kleine Ulrichstraße 22

Zoo Halle

Reilstraße 57

Prof Dr Elisabeth André

Full Professor of Computer Science, Chair of Human-Centered Multimedia / Human-Centered Multimedia, Institut für Informatik Universität Augsburg

Xavier Aronson


Mark Atkin

Director / Crossover Labs

Prof. Dr Susanne Beck

Professor of Criminal Law and Law Philosophy / Leibniz University Hanover

Johannes Bintinger

PhD, Junior Scientist / Austrian Institute of Technology

Prof. Dr Antje Boetius

Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute/Head of Science SILBERSALZ

Greg Boustead

Program Director / Science Sandbox, Simons Foundation

Dr Amy C. Chambers

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies / Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University

Nadège de Chambrier

Project Manager / Vuna ltd

Prof Axel Cleeremans

Research Director with the Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique (F.R.S.-FNRS) and a professor of Cognitive Psychology / Université Libre de Bruxelles

AC Coppens

CEO / The Marketing Catalyst, Curator Conference Programme / Silbersalz

Steve Crabtree

Editor, Horizon / BBC

Georg Dahm

Founder Fail Better Media / Fail Better Media

Iain Dodgeon

Strategic Venture Manager / Wellcome

Mirko Drotschmann

Journalist, Producer, Vlogger (MrWissen2go)

Cedric Engels

YouTube Content Creator / Elementary Media UG

Louis-Philippe Demers

Artist (The Inferno)

Claus U. Eckert


Dr Dirk Embert

Program Officer Latin America / ‎WWF Deutschland

Fabrice Estève

Producer / YUZU Productions

Katharina Finger

"HR Geschichte und Wissenschaft Redaktion nano Sendereihe Wissenschaftsdoku"

Thomas Fudge

CEO & PhD Researcher / WASE & Brunel University

Dr Alexis Gambis

Executive Director / Imagine Science Films

Laura Gertenbach

Genussmanagerin bei Oberlecker

Lucas Gutierrez

Digital artist and Industrial Designer

Matthias Heeder

Director / Rhizomfilm

Tom Heinzle

Grillmeister und Autor

Ann-Christin Hornberger

Editor ZDF / Subkoordination arte Wissen / ZDF/Arte

Tristan Horx

Trendforscher am Zukunftsinstitut

Daniele Jörg

Head of Science WDR-Television

Valentine Kass

Program Director, AISL / National Science Foundation

Dr Andreina Kero

Turku University Hospital, Pediatrics

Lorenz Knauer

Honorary President and member of the Advisory Board / JGI Germany

Walter Köhler

CEO / Terra Mater

Tobias Kruse

Fjord, Regional Business Design Director

Dr Kai Kupferschmidt

Freelance Science Writer

Dr Markus Landgraf

Architecture Analyst, HRE-SDirectorate of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration Programmes / ESA/ESTEC

Prof Christine LeMaitre

Professor in Cell Biology and Tissue Regeneration, Faculty of Health an Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

Jayde Lovell

CEO ReAgency Science Marketing and Host, ScIQ on TYT Network / ReAgency Science Marketing

Christian Maertins

Senior Mobility Expert, Volkswagen Group

Andreas Martin

Creative Producer / Bilderfest GmbH

Markus Mooslechner

Director/Executive Producer / Terra Mater Factual Studios

Sarah Mosses

CEO Together Films / Together Films

Nils Otte


Karen Palmer

M.A., Artist and Storyteller

Enno Park

Founder / Cyborgs e.V.

Prof. Dr Meike Piepenbring

Institute of Ecology, Evolution and Diversity / Goethe University of Frankfurt

Kathrin Pollmann

Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO, User Experience

Agnes Reiner

Post-Doc, University Assistant / University of Vienna, Institute of Physiological Chemistry

Lisa Ruhfus

YouTube Content Creator

Dr Martin Sand

Guest Researcher / Department of Values, Technology and Innovation, TU Delft

Jet Sanders

Doctoral Fellow / University of York / Public Health England

Dietram A. Scheufele

John E. Ross Professor, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor / University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr Susan Schneider

Associate Professor / Philosophy and Cognitive Science, The University of Connecticut 2019 Distinguished Scholar, US Library of Congress Institute for Advanced Study

Martin Schneider

Excutive Editor Science and Documentary/Science Editor / Südwestrundfunk (SWR)


YouTube Content Creator

Dr Burcin Ustbas Gul

Sabanci University

Bill Vorn

Artist (The Inferno)

Dr Sofie Valk

Forschungszentrum Jülich

Dr Ana Verissimo

Scientific Simulation Director

Dr Katja Wildermuth

Program Manager Culture and Documentation Television / NDR

More to come.


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