Prof. Peter Arens

Head of the Department – TV-show „History and Science“

Marie Beuzard

Commissioning Editor

Greg Boustead

Program director

Nicolas Brown

Documentary Filmmaker

Sue Dando

Executive Producer of "The Nature of Things"

Dr. Iain Dodgeon

Director, Science & Research Entertainment Exchange

Cedric Engels

Producer | Host | Consultant

Brian D. Earp

Associate Director

Christian Frei

Director & Producer

Prof. Allison de Fren

Associate Professor

Axel Gundolf

Director, TV

Daniele Jörg

Head of Science at WDR-Television

Judith König

Biologist | Science Journalist

Uli Kunz

Diver | Marine Biologist | Photographer

Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch

Physicist | Author | Host

Heidi McDonald

Writer | Designer

Derek Mead

Executive Editor Global

Prof. Dr. Alexa Weik von Mossner

Professor of Amerian Studies

Dr. Emily Ngubia Kessé

Author | Neuroscientist | Founder

Dr. jur. Guido Odendahl

Government Director, Head of Section III 1.2

Andrea Perino


Dirk Schlesier

Director | Planetarium Halle

Martin Schneider

Commissioning Editor

Dr. med. Dietrich Stoevesandt

Leiter – Medizinische Fakultät

Akira Yoshizawa

Senior Producer