Hiroyuki Shirakawa

Producer & Director / NHK

Hiroyuki Shirakawa, joined NHK in 2004 and worked at NHK Miyazaki Station, where he produced and directed quality documentaries about the rich local nature and wildlife including wild monkeys and endangered bird species. Since 2009, Shirakawa has involved in production of studio shows and documentaries in the fields of science, health, medicine, and natural history at NHK’s Tokyo Main Office. His directing credits include: “Nationally protected monkeys in the Wilderness",  “The Drama of the unknown Sea Birds in Isolation", an award-winning documentary program, “Try & Gotcha!”, NHK’s weekly prime time pop science show, “Tell us! Docs of Academy of Sciences”, a studio-based show; “Home Gadgets at Risk", a documentary about Internet security; and “Dynamic Genomes", a 2-part series co-produced by CuriosityStream, sequel to “The Body – Miracles of our inner Social Networks”.