AC Coppens

THE CREATIVE CATALYSTS kuratieren / programmieren oder präsentieren Konferenzen wie den IFA+Summit, Berlinale EFM Horizon, CPH:DOX Cinema & Science, Changing the Picture, Silbersalz, VR now, Most Wanted: Music.. und repräsentieren innovative & kreative Spieler, die bei die Kreuzung von Digital Tech, AI, VR / AR / XR, Film, Animation, Spiele, Design, Musik / Sound, Kultur / Kunst.




Opening & Welcome Address

09.35–09.40 Donata von Perfall, SILBERSALZ
09.40–09.45 Caroline Wichmann, Leopoldina
09.45–09.50 Curator’s Statement AC Coppens


Fireside Chat with Dr. Moira Weigel and Dr. Sine Plambech

In this chapter, we shifted our focus from individual bodies to entire societies and the market forces that shape them, starting with a keynote on love, labor and the invention of dating in the 20th Century. A documentary case study will structure discussions around love at the global scale: How is love shaped by complexifying global societies? [...]


Panel: The Future of Love

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, CEO of Emoshape.

Heidi McDonald, Game Designer and Independent Scholar.

Dr. Allison de Fren, Media Theorist and Filmmaker.

Isa Willinger, Filmmaker.

Jonas Schlatterbeck, Head of Social & Distributed Media,  ZDF Digital.

Audiovisual Case Mini-Screenings – The Future of Love Stories | with Isa Willinger and Jonas Schlatterbeck.


Recap and Closing Remarks for Conference Day 1

with AC Coppens, Founder, The Creatives’ Catalysts, and Conference Curator.


Pitch Day Introduction

Supported by the Falling Walls Foundation

The SILBERSALZ Science & Media Pitch is proud to present 14 exciting science projects from 11 different countries. Both scientists and media professionals will pitch their latest science projects to you. [...]