Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch

Physicist | Author | Host / ZDF

Harald Lesch is a well-known physicist, astronomer, author, and tv-presenter who gained wide public popularity with shows like "Leschs Kosmos" broadcasted on ZDF, where he explains scientific phenomena in an understandable and entertaining manner – on TV and YouTube.

Since 2018 Harald Lesch is hosting the science-show „Abenteuer Forschung“, 2014 re-named into „Leschs Kosmos“ on ZDF. By now he is also presenting "Frag den Lesch" weekly, "Terra X - Faszination Universum" twice a year, and special shows like „Ein Fall für Lesch & Steffens“. 2016 Lesch started broadcasting on an additional channel: YouTube. There, he is presenting exciting events in science and analyzes current discussions on scientific topics weekly.

Photo: ZDF/Johanna Brinkman



Harald Lesch - The Mystery of the Beginning

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