Cedric Engels

Producer | Host | Consultant / Twentytwo Film

Cedric Engels produces videos about science, technology and future topics published on his YouTube-Channel Doktor Whatson. With Twentytwo Film he is building his own production company in Cologne and works or customers as ZDF or the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.



Dr. Whatson - Science Fiction in a Science-based Check

Just how much science is really found in science fiction? A myth-busting session with Dr. Whatson.

Whether Star Wars, Back to the Future or Marvels Avengers. All of these movies sweep us away into futuristic scenarios – or into the past of a far-removed galaxy. But does what we see there really exist?


How Do You Become a ScienceTuber?

Interactive Show with Meet & Greet / Dr. Whatson, die Klugscheisserin, Breaking Lab, Der Schlaumacher

What is required to become a ScienceTuber?[...]