Wed, 12th Jun 2019

SILBERSALZ Festival in the Zoo – "The Science of Love"

The aspects being covered include, for instance, the humanisation of animals, an area in need of critical consideration, together with the animal stars in movies and series, as well as our relations with domesticated animals, zoo animals and the world of animals out in the wilds.

For those who have always wanted to know what animal relations are really all about, the "Relationships in the Animal World" tour is being held three times on each day of the festival. During the tours, the visitors can gain lots of valuable and indeed amusing knowledge and insights about relationships in the animal kingdom.

The renowned biologist and bestselling author Dr. Mario Ludwig is also coming to Halle this year, where he is giving one of his unique talks in the Bergzoo on both Saturday and Sunday. After each talk, he and the Zoo Director Dr. Dennis Müller are holding an entertaining and stimulating discussion about the most diverse aspects of the human-animal relationship.

Cost: €5 only with the official Festival Badge / zoo entrance cost otherwise