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Often identity formation and interest in sexuality are associated with puberty. This documentary shows that this is wrong: Sasha is only seven years old, but she already knows exactly that her biological sex does not fit her body image. A documentary about a difficult childhood and the question of how to deal with gender diversity.

Filmgespräch: Stepping Out of the Binary

Prevailing patterns of thinking in the society often lead to subtle or blatant discrimination against trans* and non-binary people. How gender is constructed socially and how it appears as a hierarchical instrument of power, have an impact on many different levels - societal, medical, institutional and legal... Understanding existing bias, providing recommendations for action, more respectful definitions, and rethinking structural mechanisms could bring us a step further towards a more inclusive and diverse society.

Felicia Ewert, Political scientist, Author I Eva Wolfangel, Science journalist, Moderator


Felicia Ewert

political scientist | author