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Women should stay at home rather than work, many Syrian men still agree – even if the shortage of medical personnel is now great during the war. For pediatrician Amani Ballour and her colleagues, working in a hospital thus becomes not only a struggle for bare survival, but also a fight for respect and women's rights.

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Film talk: Science under conflict: A story of courage, resilience and solidarity.

Dr. Amani reflects upon a medical worker´s struggles on emergency response, life-or-death triage decisions, and putting her life on the line at the war zone in Syria. Today, she continues to uplift Syrian voices through her Al Amal (Hope) Fund, and advocates to support female medical workers in conflict zones. Dr. Amani draws the path for the next generation of female leaders, for resilient medical workers under hostile environments, against borders, prejudice and patriarchy.

Dr. Amani Ballour, Paediatrician, Protagonist Eva Wolfangel, Science journalist, Moderator


Dr. Amani Ballour

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Eva Wolfangel

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