The Lovely Science of Smell

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Talk / Junior Professor Dr. habil. Ilona Croy / Head of the Research Group Neuromarker Clinic, Policlinic for Psychotherapy and und Psychosomatics, University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden

Most people really like the smell of their partner, and every third woman has taken a T-shirt worn by their partner with them to bed when their partner was away from home. Which certainly seems to make sense, as not only are we familiar with our partner’s smells, they also have a calming effect on us and even our dreams can be influenced by smells. Smells even play a role in the selection of partners – one that is often unconscious. They signal to us the health, the emotions and even the genetic fit of our counterpart.


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Prof. Dr. Ilona Croy | Guest at SILBERSALZ 2019

Prof. Dr. Ilona Croy

Head of research group "Neuromarker"