Fireside Chat with Dr. Moira Weigel and Dr. Sine Plambech


In this chapter, we shifted our focus from individual bodies to entire societies and the market forces that shape them, starting with a keynote on love, labor and the invention of dating in the 20th Century. A documentary case study will structure discussions around love at the global scale: How is love shaped by complexifying global societies? How does it intersect with large-scale phenomena of borders, migration, sexism, racism, class and social justice? Which narrative forms, media and technologies can help us understand and tell the stories of global love?


Dr. Moira Weigel – Postdoctoral scholar at the Harvard Society of Fellows, Author of Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating & Founding Editor of Logic Magazine.

Dr. Sine Plambech – Filmmaker and Anthropologist, Senior Researcher Danish Institute for International Studies.

Moderated by:

AC Coppens – Founder, The Creatives’ Catalysts, and Conference Curator


Dr. Sine Plambech

Senior Researcher

AC Coppens

CEO / The Marketing Catalyst, Curator Conference Programme / Silbersalz

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