Silbersalz Institute Innovation Lab Outline

The schedule of the institute stretches over 5 sprints within one year. Sprint 5 ends with the pitch during the Silbersalz Festival in Halle. In between, the projects are accompanied and supervised by professional media experts.

Sprint 1 – October to December – Science Communication and Matchmaking

With the help of a range of media professionals, we analyse what makes your research interesting to a broad general audience and we develop a project idea which you will present to the creative community to find media partners.

  • 2 sessions
    • 1 day online Ideation session
    • 2 days in person preparation and matchmaking

Sprint 2 – December/Janurary – Project Development

Together with your project partner and mentors, we develop the concept and create a storyboard

  • 4 sessions
    • 1 day online
    • 3 × 90 mins online

Sprint 3 – January/February – Trailer/Prototypes online

Together with your project partner and mentors, we develop a trailer or prototype that can be used to secure funding

  • 3 sessions
    • 1 day online
    • 2 × 90 mins

Sprint 4 – March – Pitch Preparation and Outreach online

Together with your project partners and mentors we create a pitch deck that describes your project to potential partners; and develop an impact, outreach, press and publicity strategy

  • 3 sessions
    • 1 day online
    • Half day online
    • 90 min

Final meetings before pitching at Silbersalz online, April

  • 1 hour

Sprint 5 – June – Pitch

Silbersalz, Halle (Saale) – 22-25 June

Pitch training and pitching to potential funders/exhibitors/partner

  • 3 days in person