Prof. Allison de Fren

Associate Professor / Interactive Media Arts, NYU Shanghai

Allison de Fren is a media maker and scholar based in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Her documentaries and audiovisual essays have been screened internationally at film festivals, galleries and museums, and academic settings. Her work focuses on the intersection of gender, media, and technology, often tracing a line from the tropes and themes around gendered technologies within popular culture to earlier histories of science, medicine, and technology. She is currently a Visiting Associate Professor in the Interactive Media Arts Program at NYU Shanghai and is an Associate Professor in the Media Arts & Culture Department at Occidental College in Los Angeles.



Elizabeth Harvest

Science Fiction / Sebastian Gutierrez / USA / 2018 / 95 minutes / OV with ST /  Age rating: 16

The Nobel prize-winner Henry has placed the world at his wife’s feet. But there is one room in his villa she is not allowed to enter... [...]


Panel: The Future of Love

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, CEO of Emoshape.

Heidi McDonald, Game Designer and Independent Scholar.

Dr. Allison de Fren, Media Theorist and Filmmaker.

Isa Willinger, Filmmaker.

Jonas Schlatterbeck, Head of Social & Distributed Media,  ZDF Digital.

Audiovisual Case Mini-Screenings – The Future of Love Stories | with Isa Willinger and Jonas Schlatterbeck.