Thu, 12th Apr 2018

SILBERSALZ – Made by Youth, Review

At the SILBERSALZ Youth Camp, the basis for the festival's on stage youth program was created within four different workshops. Mobile reporter Martin Heller gave insights into his work, many tips for filming with a smartphone and showed the young people in a practical exercise how easy they can record a short film with their mobile phones. The pupils are now working on their videos in groups and will present them the festival.

The dancers of the Heinrich Heine secondary school, who rehearsed a robot dance for the festival, also want to go on stage. Their music is homemade as well – programmed in a third workshop. Here the young people worked on their own sounds and music. Moreover they worked on motion sensors and even soldered those theirselves. Fascinating to watch: The self-made muscle sensors were then attached to the arms and legs of the dancers. Using their muscles they could now control the beat with their dance and moves.

The boys from the fourth workshop also exchanged ideas about how exciting and diversified science topics are. Taught by Science Slammer Robert, they learned how to convey their own scientific topics in a humorous and understandable way (even for us non-scientists) which they were already able to achieve brilliantly in the evening's final presentation.

The goal now is to continue to work in the groups and to integrate the results into the stage show on the youth’s festival day on 28th of June. Beforehand, there will be at least one excursion to the Weinberg Campus, where an insight into the production of microchips can be found on a tour around the Fraunhofer Institute. Including researcher feeling when going into a cleanroom wearing a protective suit.