Prof. Dr. Gerd Antes

Mathematiker | Gastprofessor / Medical Center der Universität Freiburg i.Br.

Prof. Dr. rer. ant. Gerd Antes is a mathematician and a honorary professor at the medical faculty and the Medical Center of the University of Freiburg i.Br. (Germany). He set up the German Cochrane Centre in 1997. Gerd Antes stimulated and supported the progress of evidence-based healthcare and the Cochrane Collaboration in Germany and was a member of the Cochrane Collaboration Steering Group. Since 1998, he is a Co-founder and board member (2001-2003 also chair) of the German Network for evidence-based medicine (DNEbM). Since November 2002 he is a member of the German Guidelines Committee AWMF (German Association of Medical Scientific Societies). After several years on the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Clinical Trial Registry Platform (ICTRP, WHO), he became project coordinator of the German Registry for Clinical Trials (DRKS) in 2007. He has been and is a member of several advisory boards of national and international projects and organisations. In February 2012 he received a honorary professorship from the Medical Faculty of the University of Freiburg.

His focus has been on global knowledge exchange, synthesis and local implementation and on improving knowledge translation for better practical use since several years. Recent activities and publications focus on transparency issues in medical research, the methodological challenges of the various bias sources and the ethical side of the right of patients to receive comprehensive information. A main focus has always been on the widening gap between the English language part of the world and the other 94% non-English language populations.

Recent activities focus on the methodological aspects of Big Data, Personalized Medicine and Digitalization and new sources for biases, e. g. from predatory journals. Supporting the public and in particular the media to identify trustworthy information in the age of increasing fake news is currently one of his main activities.