Christiane Götz-Sobel

ZDF – Naturwissenschaft & Technik / Redaktionsleiterin "Naturwissenschaft und Technik"

Christiane Götz-Sobel holds a university degree in Biology, Mathematics and Communication Sciences. Since April 2008 she is Head of Department "Naturwissenschaft und Technik " (Natural Science and Technology). She is responsible for the programmes Leschs Cosmos; Terra X – Our Fascinating Planet and Terra X – Fascinating Universe – since February 2016 also the YouTubeChannel “Terra X – Lesch & Co”. In 2017 she received the Medal for Natural Scientific Journalism awarded by the German Physics Society (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft DPG). Götz-Sobel is  a member of the advisory board of the Wissenschafts-Pressekonferenz (WPK, German Association of Science Journalists).